Hirers Acknowledgment

Use of hired goods

The Hirer agrees to use the goods at their own risk and to comply with the following:

(a) Use the goods in a responsible and safe manner and only for the purpose it was designed for.

(b) Ensure that the goods are kept in good order and condition. Goods are to be kept where they are protected from the elements.

(c) Be responsible for the goods once they are installed at the property, InHome Styling will not be held responsible for any injury to persons or property, arising by the use of the goods during the hire period.

(d) Will not sell, hire, change possession or remove the goods from the property address that is acknowledged on the hire contract.

(e) Will not use linen, crockery, cutlery or appliances, these items are for display purposes only.

(f) Will not alter or attempt to repair the goods.

(g) Additional hire charges will occur if the goods are unable to be picked up on or before the due date unless otherwise authorised.

(h) A cancellation fee of 30% is payable if cancellation of an order occurs inside the 72 hours prior to install date. A 50% fee will apply if the cancelation occurs within 24 hours of the install.


Loss, damage and theft cover / insurance

  • If the hirer does not confirm the Hire coverage on offer, then the Hirer acknowledges they will be liable to pay for all damages, losses or expenses that occur due to misuse, malicious, destructive or negligent acts committed by the Hirer or any other person permitted to have access to the location and period of the goods on Hire. If the coverage has been confirmed, the hirer acknowledges responsibility that an excess is to be paid to cover the insurance claim and are required to provide upfront payment of the excess in order to make a claim.


  • The customer bears all responsibility for the hire goods during the Hire Period, and until such time as the Goods are returned. If any of the Goods are damaged, lost or cease to function correctly as a result of the Customer’s actions, negligence and/or omission or otherwise while those Goods are in the Customer’s control or possession, the Customer will be liable without limitation for the costs of replacing or repairing those Goods.


(a) InHome Styling may terminate this hire agreement at any time if the hirer fails to comply with the terms and conditions or is breach of the hire agreement. Upon termination the owner shall be entitled to take possession of the goods.


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I have read and agree to these hire Terms and Conditions