Shelley, where do I begin? You have the most beautiful and generous personality. Your skills are second to none. You have such wonderful taste and your styling abilities continue to stun me.


Would you believe me if ...

I told you that great home stylists are born, not made? – Well, I wouldn’t believe it, either. Because they’re born AND made! I, for example, have always had an eye for style, some innate sense of proportion, and a fairly unique feel for space. But not until I invested in myself to get a solid home styling education with the famous Debra Gould did I actually call myself a Home Stager. Yes, I am a proud Staging Diva Graduate!

But before that...

I was working as a professional organiser. Why that matters? Well, simply put it sets me apart from those who have a pure interior styling background. If my clients want to downsize they can’t simply pack up a 4 bedroom home and unpack it into a 2 bedroom unit – it’s a sleeves-up, get-your-hands-dirty job to declutter, depersonalise and prepack well before a home can be dressed for the actual sale. And that’s where I come in!

Some people...

Find it easy. They know that the time is right and are eager to get the ball rolling.  But even they are stopped in their tracks all too often – so much stuff! So many memories! How can we let go of things that have been with us for a lifetime? And do we really need to take down the family photographs (hint:absolutely!)?

Others, however...

Can barely breathe for being overwhelmed by the emotional and practical aspects of getting their home ready for sale. How do we know that we don’t let go of our most valuable asset for less than its value? How do we know that we don’t detach from our belongings only to face later our biggest fear… regret?


I understand the challenges that you may face. I know it’s scary, overwhelming, and downright hard work. But I also know what needs doing and how it needs to be done.

And I am the one who makes sure that you don’t have to do it on your own. Working right alongside you, I offer an outside perspective as well as a big heart. I help you to put a plan in place and make sure that we stick to it.

Together, we transform your home into that beautifully staged property that your prospective buyers can’t help but fall in love with.

Do you wonder how that could work for you?